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We focus on horsemanship both in the saddle and on the ground. My students get hands on instruction. We believe that everybody can have a partnership with their horse, we are here to help you accomplish the partnership that you and your horse will need for a good relationship.

Our lessons will help you to read your horse. They will help you to understand why your horse does what he does and what you can do to fix it.

I will not make my student do things they are uncomfortable with. I believe both horse and rider should be ready  to move forward.

I teach lessons for riders starting at age 4 and up. However my younger students will be assessed to determine if they are ready for lessons. My lessons start at $35 for a 90 minute group lesson and $45 for a 60 minute private lesson.

We also offer Trail Lessons/Rides starting at $35 Per hour per person. 
Call for more info. 

Mention this website to receive a discount. As a new student you can purchase your first five lessons at full price and receive your sixth lesson free. This discount applies only to the first six group lessons. After the first six lessons your lessons will be regular price

Please contact Lisa Robie at 972-423-3058 or